Recent Articles & Research

Here, you'll find the most recent articles and research on how Nature is a "tool" for healing. In psychology, this is known as ecotherapy and is fast becoming a source for health professionals to draw upon to promote mental and physical health.


   A UC Berkeley PhD candidate, Craig L. Anderson, did some research to find out why being out in nature has been a healing factor for veterans suffering from PTSD. He found that a feeling of "awe" is an important ingredient. Read more about it at "Don't Get Down, Get Outside: How Awe Inspiring Nature Heals" (Martin, Jul 2018).

   A three-year study "shows that removing trash and adding trees to empty lots helped people feel happier and reduced symptoms of depression." Read about it in this article "Clean, green public spaces make us happier, study finds" (Scher, Jul 2018).

   Decades-long research has found that "people who took part in these [nature] programs benefited both from the outdoor settings and from the experience of being alone. These findings build on previous research that has clearly demonstrated the value of spending time in nature." Read the rest of the article on The Conversation, "Spending time alone in nature is good for your mental and emotional health" (Daniel, Bobilya and Kalisch, Jun 2018).

   In the publication Counseling Today, "Using nature as a therapeutic partner" (Phillips, Apr 2018) is an explanation of ecotherapy and how it can be used to promote mental health.