We Walk Our Talk

Last month, Erin (my co-founder) and I reflected upon and re-did our values. Well … Earth Connect’s values, but really they’re also ours. We wanted to make them more authentic to who we are as the founders and what we want Earth Connect to be (about) as it is formed and grows.

We show up consciously.

Little did I know that events would conspire to have me practice and put those values to the test in my own life, and literally two days after we’d come back from our strategic planning retreat.

On my way out of The City and on my way home, after a long, mentally-strenuous week of planning, I got my first ever flat tire (after 35 years of driving). I had to pull over into an unknown city and area, where there was so much traffic, noise, dirt. And now, in addition to the frustration because I can’t get home, I have to wait days for the replacement tire to come in. With many, many deep breaths, all I could do was be thankful that I got get to spend extra time, including Mother’s Day, with my Mom and sister.

At Earth Connect,

We Have an Attitude of Gratitude


We Tend Our Relationships

When I finally got my tire in and changed, I was told I had to drive around for 25 miles then go back to do a tire check. I decided to find the nearest green space and was fortunate enough to have found Tilden State Park. Driving to the park, I passed through beautiful, tree-lined neighborhoods. And, the park itself was the perfect setting for me to re-center myself, get my mind back to a state of peacefulness.

At first, I didn’t think I would get away from the sounds of “man.” So, I changed my perspective to appreciate the sound of children laughing to chime in with the sounds of birds singing, like two different choruses or like a sing-off. Lol. I walked around for almost an hour and did the forest bathing practice I teach others monthly.

We walk our talk.

The farther I walked, the dimmer the voices sounded until all I could hear was the sound of the wind in the trees (another sort of song on its own) and the birds chirping. I ended up going through some beautiful tree-covered trails. Then, I came upon a pond which had a family of turtles sitting on a log!

Turtles on a Log!

On the other side of the pond, there was a wooden walkway, appropriate for the disabled. And, what a wonderful place for a forest bathing session. I could imagine taking groups of people out here to teach them forest bathing or how to do a sit-spot. I could even imagine taking my mother out here because she prefers to walk on paved or man-made surfaces.

I still needed to put more mileage on the new tire, so I drove around some more. Taking the scenic drive through the park, I was delighted to “discover” all it had to offer – a Botanical Garden, Equestrian area, so many picnic spots, and farther down the road, vistas of the lakes. I didn’t make it as far as the lake. That’ll be for another visit; something to look forward to next time I’m up this way.

We look to the future, live in the present, and honor the past.

One more value that encompasses all the others:

We cultivate and practice Love.

Sounds really woo-woo, but this is what our vision is about – a world of connection, community, and sustainability– in other words, a world that practices love.

We are transpersonal psychologists. In planning out Earth Connect’s future, we had to be true and authentic to ourselves. We honor the journeys we are all on – our personal ones, our shared professional journey, and those of our participants and collaborators and others we meet on the way.

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