The "Work" Beneath the Work

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Here at Earth Connect our work is twofold. On one hand, we are very much grounded in clinical data and research. We want to offer evidence-based approaches that can be measured for efficacy. In other words, if what we’re doing doesn’t help or add value to the healing of our community, then it’s back to the drawing board where we can revise and refine. But our underlying mission is simpler and has its roots in both science and ancient wisdom.

The real reason that nature heals is because we are, and always have been, a part of it. Our bodies are composed of elements like carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which came from giant exploding stars called supernovas and dying suns. The same bones that support our structure are found in animals everywhere (land, sky, and water). Our lungs are part of a much large respiratory system that is reliant on our giving to, and receiving from, the world around us. We exhale carbon dioxide which plants need to convert water into sugar; sugar is then used for food to sustain them. During the conversion process plants also transform CO2 and water into oxygen which is then released into the atmosphere. This oxygen is essential to human survival. No matter what lens we look through, we would not exist without all of the dynamic processes and forms that make up this dance we call life.

Among the varied definitions of nature, some of them listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary are as follows:

1. The inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing.

2. A creative and controlling force in the universe.

3. The physical constitution or drives of an organism.

4. Humankind’s original or natural condition.

5. The external world in its entirety.

So, that is to say, that not only is nature the whole universe, including earth, but is also our rudimentary composition. This is why we use phrases such as “true nature” to describe the essence of someone or something. It makes even more sense, then, when considering the etymology of nature. Coming from the Latin word ‘natura,’ it literally means “birth” or “origin.”

This is really the work beneath the work here at Earth Connect. We recognize that we are not separate from, or opposed to, nature. We are nature. We are able to efficiently heal through practices and programs that incorporate nature-based elements because it’s like coming home, both to our roots and to ourselves.

Edit: This post was written by Erin Kress, Co-founder of Earth Connect. We've migrated to new blog software and haven't figured out how to credit proper authorship yet!

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