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Dancing Fairy Arrives at Earth Connect

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

At Earth Connect our greater vision is a world of connection, community and sustainability. It is our belief that this will come to fruition through the valuable partnerships we forge and the spirit of collaboration that is born from multiple people coming together to make a difference. Something magical happens when we give ourselves over to collective wisdom and join in creative community.

With that said, we are SO happy to introduce our newest contributor and workshop facilitator, Monica Canducci.

She is an artist, performer and story teller, and has substantial experience in holistic and integrative modalities. We share her mission of helping people find healing and self-realization and we're ridiculously flattered by her interest in Earth Connect as she brings extensive knowledge to our programs. We truly respect the work she does in the world and are thrilled that this collaboration is coming to life.

"As soon as I heard about Earth Connect I felt compelled to join the adventure. I define myself as “a Fairy of the Woods” because I have a strong relationship with Nature, that for many years was the only place I could recharge my batteries, find my peace of mind and heal myself. Then, by observing Nature, its elements and cycles, I’ve learned to find within myself all the resources I need in order to nourish my body and soul. And I believe that Nature is our best teacher, helping us reconnect with ourselves to manifest our deepest inner resources, in order to facilitate any self-healing process. This is the reason why I joined Earth Connect above all."

-Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci is one of today's most respected inspirational authors, movement coaches, healing facilitators, speakers and teachers, highly acknowledged internationally in the field of self-development through the practice of mind-bodyfulness. She is a Certified Rolfer™ and the creator of the Move-In Mind™ method, based on the power of visualization and mental imagery in nervous system rewiring. As a trans-disciplinary teacher and artist integrating different areas of expertise, Monica is always committed to exploring the connections between human structure, movement, psychological states and the world of metaphors, symbols and archetypes in order to help people achieve well-being, happiness, healing and self-realization.

Monica's work aims to "make the Invisible seen" through the art of "connecting the dots". She helps others discover the hidden connections between thoughts, emotions, their body structure and their environmental responses (what is happening in their life), to improve the quality of their health, relationships and life in general. She often refers to herself as a 'traveler on the Path of Integration', which is a Path leading to the full realization of one’s inner potential, in harmony with the surrounding world. On this Path, Monica considers the body to be the instrument for spiritual experience, and Nature as the patient teacher providing guidance along the way. In fact, she perceives the body as the sacred instrument through which we can realize and manifest our spiritual nature.

Monica has partnered with us for her upcoming program "Embodied Elemental Journey: A Workshop of Wholeness through Nature's Elements." This will be held in Montreal, Canada on July 14. If you want to find out more our events page at https://www.earth-connect.org/upcoming-events

To learn more about Monica visit her website at www.monica-canducci.com

You can also find her on Facebook at:



Here’s to a warm, warm welcome! We are beyond grateful to have Monica on-board.

Lots of love, always, from the Earth Connect team.