One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Photo credit: Caleb Jones on Unsplash

So these past weeks, since we re-wrote our MVVs (mission, vision and values) we’ve been a bit unfocused. It’s been challenging to post original content on our Facebook and to find momentum for our program development. As we put the time into dreaming and building our offerings, there was a sense of being unanchored. We only, today, realized that we lost direction when we took the healing component out of our mission. So… back to the drawing board!

What makes Earth Connect what it is?

We believe in the deep ecology perspective that, when we’re disconnected from nature, we experience stress, anxiety and other disorders. Like similar, existing organizations, we wanted to offer you programs where you can connect to the natural world. Currently, that is our nature walk program. However, when we removed the word “healing” from our mission, it made us like any other nature walk program out there instead of giving us room to be more expansive (which was our intention). And, if you live where we live, you can go out and take a walk by yourself without our help!

What made, and makes, EC unique is our training, our experience, and our ability to bring people into a natural setting and invite them into those moments of inner stillness while educating them about why nature is so healing. You can take a walk in the woods, but we can show you how to slow it down and become a part of the forest.

(On a side note: Erin just had an epiphany when she asked herself, “Why are we offering the walks? . . . HEALING! It’s this!!!”)

Yeah, we kinda momentarily screwed ourselves when we removed the “healing” part of our mission. But, . . . like all journeys where you may need to backtrack when you get lost, we did. We took two steps back, remembered what we’re about, and (again) re-wrote our mission.

So, here it is. This is Earth Connect’s mission:

Earth Connect promotes healing by offering programs and opportunities for people to connect with Nature in its many forms.

What do you think? Does this feel good to you? Can you see your part in the EC community? Let us know!

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