North Carolina Here We Come!

Please help us welcome Stephen Rogers to our Earth Connect team! Stephen leads our nature walks in beautiful Pilot Mountain, NC. An easy 30-minute drive from Winston-Salem, Pilot Mountain offers the perfect trails and green scenery for restful, healing nature walks.

Stephen is the perfect person to guide you on these walks with his advanced degree in transpersonal psychology and certificate in eco-psychology. He is also a certified Reiki master and offers coaching services. He specializes in helping men who are transitioning due to grief, trauma, and other life changes. Having grown up in the area, Stephen knows all the local flora, fauna, and other natural features, helping you to fully experience a guided nature walk. Learn more about Stephen on the Earth-Connect website.

Why did Stephen choose to join Earth Connect? He say, “When people take vacations, they usually visit places known for their natural beauty such as beaches, mountains, forests, or even deserts. There is a yearning inside each person that seeks communion with the natural world. Nature soothes, restores, connects, and heals us so that we can withstand another year of work. As a society, we shouldn’t limit our exposure in nature to our vacations. Personally, nature has been very healing to me. I walk on mountain trails, in the woods behind my backyard, and visit the beach when possible. That is why I believe in the mission of Earth Connect, and I am happy to offer nature walks in my home community.”

Stephen will be kicking off his monthly, healing nature walks on Earth Day, April 22nd. Come meet Stephen and learn how to destress and decompress using nature walks as a healing method. Sign up HERE to go on your first guided nature walk or go to

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