What's with All these Posts?

If you follow our Facebook Page, you may have noticed a pattern in what and when we post. We don't post as seldom as similar pages nor as often as others. Trying to find the right balance so you can see more of our posts (especially since Facebook keeps changing), we've put ourselves on a "schedule" to make it easier for you to see the things that you want or need to see during the day.

Good Morning!: Our first post of the day will usually be in the morning, just as you're getting to work. (All posts are Pacific Standard Time since we're headquartered in California.) Usually, the post will be a lovely nature photo. Studies show that just looking at a photograph of a natural setting will increase creativity and decrease anxiety. This is perfect to start your work day, after you've survived the morning commute and need to have a fresh mind. At times, we might post an interesting article instead. Some of us like to get our brains jump-started by reading and thinking about something interesting.

Lunchtime Zen: In the noon hour, when we figure most people are having their lunch break, we post a short video (usually 1-2 minutes, sometimes longer) of nature scenery and/or nature sounds. The thought is that You need a bit of "ahhhhh" as a respite in the middle of your day, especially if you can't escape your desk for lunch. If you can, we hope you're outside having a leisurely stroll and taking in the scenery around you. There's nothing better than first-hand personal experience of nature. A close second is a virtual one that we're happy to provide.

15:15, News and Information: In the middle of the day, around 3:15 pm PST, we post good environmental news happening around the world. We live in an anxiety-riddled society, so it's nice to read or listen to something positive. Additionally, studies also show that good "remedies" for eco-anxiety and eco-grief are getting involved in ways to ecological harm/disaster, activism, and doing anything in which you can contribute to the healing of the natural world. To this end, you'll soon see posts of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and get involved in helping the environment. Action releases the feelings of helplessness.

After-dinner Reading: Though environmental happenings seldom make national news, there are plenty of lovely things happening. If you're not out gardening or otherwise communing with your plants or pets, you might tune in around the 6:00 evening hour to read up on environmental news. Or, we might just post a lovely photo for you to see. We may also post things that support our values of: community and connection, healing and wholeness, service, sustainability, and education. As earth lovers, those of us in Earth Connect also regard Nature on a spiritual level, so don't be surprised if you start seeing some posts on eco-spirituality. We'll also post some sustainable gardening tips for those of you who

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!: Our last post of the day is usually a beautiful, nature photo. Just a few moments looking at a peaceful image will set the tone for a restful evening. There is nothing more relaxing than gazing a gorgeous sunset.

During the weekends, our hope is that you are out and about taking a nature walk, playing with your pets, or otherwise engaged in nature in some form. So, our posts are few and far between. During the "in betweens," either in the week or weekend, we'll post additional nature photos that just tickle us, are informative or, like this one, is a blog post of current happenings in Earth Connect. Our hope is that you engage with us through our Facebook posts or on our website. We value your presence and would love to hear from you, with suggestions, your own personal insights, or anything nature-healing related. We are, first and foremost, a community.

We hope you'll join us as we also begin to form our in-person communities across the globe. Stay tuned for news of that as we will soon bring our earth-loving, nature-healing community to life!

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