Nature is Therapy - Welcome Beth!

Hello Earth Lovers and Nature Connectors!

Today, we’re so happy to announce our new team member Beth Fleming! Beth joins Earth Connect as our clinical therapist for the Four Elements Program. Because the program was created to help those suffering from trauma and high anxiety, including PTSD, we are so grateful to have her walk with us to ensure we can process our emotional and mental states while in the expansive beauty of Nature.

Beth is uniquely qualified to lead our forming team of therapist with her 15 years of experience as a clinical therapist and her continued education in transpersonal ecopsychology. In fact, she’s currently working on her PhD with a focus on nature as a healing apparatus for trauma. Her personal mission and efforts align perfectly with those of Earth Connect!

Beth also offers, through Earth Connect and her own organization Healing Pathways Institute, forest bathing and therapeutic nature walk sessions in and around her current location of Pocatello, ID. Find out more about Beth, and schedule personal sessions with her, on the Earth Connect website.

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