What is Earth Connect?

Earth Connect was originally created by Caitlin Leigh Fluegge and Frances Marie Reilly as a nature-based therapy program for a class project. It has since grown to include the original three-part program, including the Four Elements Program, to become an organization housing and offering events that help our participants reconnect with the natural world so they can find peace within themselves.

Our physical offerings include nature walks, workshops, and intensive retreats, hosted by us or in collaboration with our partners.

Our online presence offers you a virtual respite from your daily stress and educational tidbits to help you understand and manage stress and anxiety brought upon by our tech-heavy society.

All of our offerings, including our blog, encompass our values and our vision where healthy humans have a thriving, connected relationship with the natural world.

We value sustainable living, connection with the entire earth community, compassionate actions, authenticity, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness. We believe Earth Connect’s role in this world is to further these values through our offerings.

Please check back with us often to see what we may have for you. And, we’d love to hear from you about any ideas or requests you may have.

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