Our Partners

Earth Connects partners with different organizations around the country so that we may offer more events to help you get out in and reconnect to nature and disconnect from the stress, anxiety and technology of everyday life.

Some times, we need to be reminded how to laugh, play in, and pay attention to the natural world. Our partners are expert facilitators in helping you get back to your joyful self.

Earth Connect is pleased and proud to be working with San Diego's Inner City Athletic Program in furthering both our missions! Theirs is to combat childhood obesity, and accompanying health issues, by introducing at-risk kids to different forms of physical activity and healthy eating. Earth Connect will take some of these kids out this summer and introduce them to the natural beauty and nature trails in their own community, teach them how to engage all their senses while in the natural world, and help them begin to reconnect to the natural world.

A mission of accessiblity to culture and art, using sustainable methods.

Revision San Diego

May 2018 - Revision, a San Diego non-profit, is our newest partner in offering healing events and activities through natural means and with an environmental impact. Embracing the tenants of sustainability, they teach their community how to create beautiful art re-using normally discarded materials. Revision often works with adults with disabilities and, in collaboration with other San Diego organizations, offers workshops and events in their space. Check out their website for more details!

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