Join the Earth Connect Team

as a Nature Walk Guide

Girl in a Forest

Earth Connect is a social enterprise organization whose mission is to help people with anxiety disorders journey to wholeness through nature-based programs and activities, because we believe that healed people help heal the world. Earth Connect’s Nature Walk Program launched on Earth Day 2018 in four cities across the country. Our goal is to have monthly nature walks in as many places around the world as possible.


Our nature guides lead monthly nature walks in their respective areas. These walks can range from teaching forest bathing or a sit-spot practice in rural or cityscapes to leading nature-based walks that incorporate their own specialized knowledge, like identifying local plants and animals or indigenous history. It is a mostly volunteer position, with the guides setting their own walk location, time and date. Guides do local marketing in the form of posting flyers and promoting their and other guides’ walks on their own social media (we support each other!).  Earth Connect creates and sells tickets to the events (through Eventbrite), does online marketing and promotes the walk on its social media outlets and to its current audience.


To become a nature guide, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have access to a computer, printer, and internet (so we can train you)

  • Have a love for nature and the outdoors

  • Share in Earth Connect’s values. This is especially important because it’s about integrity, our practices, and compassion, all of which lead to our vision.

  • Be willing and diligent in doing the location scouting and to market your walks as well as promote other guides’ walks


You don’t need experience in leading nature walks. We will train you with written documents we’ve produced and a few YouTube videos to watch. Just have a personal practice of knowing how to tune in to your body, how to release your anxiety, and be kinda chill.


Before our recent incorporation, we were completely volunteer-run and most of our work has been online, educating people on the various ways they can go into nature to find healing and wholeness. As a newly established organization, we are still in the throes of fundraising in order to pay our full-time collaborators. However, we know that finances are a source of modern-day anxiety so it's especially important to us that we do all we can for the people who volunteer and work with Earth Connect. We value and appreciate our team. To that end, our nature guides are now “contractors” who earn 60% of ticket sales. In the case of no or low ticket sales, we still pay the guide $20 USD for their efforts. We encourage you to invite your friends and family and do the walk anyway, as practice for yourself.


If you would like to become a nature guide with Earth Connect, please fill out this form: