The Earth Connect Programs

Our goals are to:


Create healing environment for our program participants


Help participants connect to land as a way to return to wholeness


Help participants continue to heal through gratitude and reciprocity (giving back)


Partner with organizations that align with our mission and vision

A woman forest bathing.
Nature Walks

We host monthly nature walks across the country. Many of our walks teach "forest bathing," the Japanese practice on shinrin-yoku, which is proven to lessen anxiety and help heal trauma.

Check our Calendar for nature walks in your area.

One-Day Workshop

Our introductory 4-hour workshop introduces the benefits of forest therapy to all participants who are interested in healing their trauma. A national forest therapy guide will discuss the benefits of forest therapy and lead them on a therapeutic nature walk. At the close of the introductory workshop, a therapist will lead a group discussion then assess each participant who chooses to sign up for the 7-day intensive forest therapy retreat. 

Four Elements Program

Fire, Air, Water and Earth Connect Intensive

Earth Connect offers a three-part Four Elements Program, incorporating an intensive forest therapy program, an on-going aftercare nature program, and a reciprocal element to help foster continual growth and gratitude.

Fire: In this week-long intensive, trauma victims begin to heal through their time spent connecting with nature and learn to be self-sufficient to grow their sense of self. Likewise, they are taught how all natural beings are connected and support each other; how our relationships are important for our selves, our survival and our health. This element is led by a certified forest therapist and a licensed therapist. 

Air: Program participants are asked to committed to and attend monthly group sessions for the first three months after the Fire intensive, during which time they meet with a trauma therapist to learn coping mechanisms and practices for continued growth and healing. 

Water: The natural world works in reciprocity. To continue the healing aspects of interacting with nature, participants volunteer their time in partner organizations, including local conservation or naturebased organizations.