Ocean and Water Healing


Many find being near water features to be relaxing and healing. Here are some articles on the healing properties of water.

Articles & Research on Surf Therapy

   PsychCentral Article: "Treating PTSD with Surf Therapy" (Moore, M., 2016)

   New York Post Article: "How Surfing can Cure Depression" (Shea, M., Aug 2016)

   HuffPost article "More Than A Sport: How Surfing Can Help Mental Health Recovery" (Verdouw, E., Jul 2016)

   Medicalbag article "Ocean Therapy Has the Power to Heal the Mind and Body" (Oc. 2015). Scroll to the bottom for referenced material.

   Psychology Today Article: "Surf Therapy" and Being in the Ocean Can Alleviate PTSD. An interview with Josh Izenberg about his PTSD documentary “Resurface.” (Bergland, May 2015)

Articles & Research on Ocean/Water Healing

  This link will take you to a document preview of K. Supik's master's thesis on "Taking the next Breath: Veteran Readjustment, Nature, and Mental Wellness at Operation Scuba" (May 2018)

   Inc. Magazine article "How the Beach Benefits Your Brain, According to Science" (Gherini, Nov 2017)

   Article: What Being Near the Ocean Does to Your Brain on HackSpirit.com (Brown, Aug 2017)

   In a Positive News blog, "Harnessing the Healing Powers of the Ocean" (Tolley, N., Sep 2015)


Organizations for Surf and Ocean Thearpy

In the United States:

   The Jimmy Miller Foundation. Their "Ocean Therapy [program] is an adaptive surfing program to assist individuals coping with mental and physical illness in accessing the ocean environment."

   For Veterans, Warrior Surf Foundation

   For children with special needs and disability, A Walk on Water

   Saltwater Sessions has programs in Los Angeles and retreats in Hawaii

In Africa, Waves for Change