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Alicia Turgesen

Portland, OR

Alicia is currently a Masters level graduate intern in the final stages of earning her degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy from Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling in Portland, Oregon.  She is also completing requirements to earn her a certificate in Ecopsychology. As an intern, Alicia sees clients on a weekly basis at The Hope Connection and The Lewis and Clark Community Counseling Clinic. She has held roles in a vast array of nature-based organizations including her recent role as an equine specialist at Forward Stride in Beaverton, Oregon.  Alicia strives to create a practice that is centered in social and environmental justice and accepts any person regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, country of origin, size, or ability.


Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Alicia has been fortunate enough to connect with many different outdoor spaces and landscapes over the years.  Alicia was first introduced to a natural-spiritual connection at a young age through her Native American heritage. Attending Pow Wows across Washington state, camping in the deep wilderness, and exploring in the most intrinsic sense ignited a flame within her that has grown her entire life and lit the way for her personal journey.  She believes that people in today's society experience deep pain because their flames have gone out; we as people need to relight the flame within us and rebuild the connection we once had with nature, in order to heal the world.


Alicia is happily partnered and has two dogs.  She enjoys spending time in Portland’s many natural spaces and adventuring in new spaces across the world, when she can.  Alicia hopes to offer a non-judgemental, safe, accepting energy for all people seeking to reconnect and heal with the Earth.  

Andy Bayon

San Diego, CA

Andy has been fascinated by nature since he was barely old enough to climb a tree. As a guide, he helps us reconnect with that remembered childlike sense of wonder through our own experiences in nature. 


Andy has hiked in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the Australian Outback, the jungles of Costa Rica, and in National Parks across America, most recently Glacier National Park in Montana.  He Ahas led hikes and nature walks for The Nature Effect Tours, The Experience Tribe, and Earth Connect.  Guiding and helping people establish and deepen their personal connection to nature will be a lifelong expression for Andy.


He believes in a world where we can thrive without exploiting the planet that gives us everything we need for life, and he believes this nature connection is essential to a universal understanding that this is the way forward.


On a personal level, Andy’s mission is to help us see the beauty of the world so that we are invigorated by our experiences in nature and left with a deeper understanding of who we are.

Caitlin Leigh

Seattle, WA

In her own words: "As a writer, author, self-love advocate, Life Coach, and Nature Guide I bring forth authenticity and transparency through creative collaborations. On this beautiful earth journey, I continue to walk towards myself by allowing myself to be as I am through creative expressions and speaking my truth (it is a continuous practice). This allows me to hold space for others who also yearn to connect with themselves, to love themselves, to honor themselves, and to express their creative authentic being with our beautiful abundant world. Our world needs more of you! "

Caitin holds a master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology, with foci in life coaching and transpersonal ecopsychology, from Sofia University. He is an amazing artist, expressing her work through poetry and painting.

Check out her website at www.caitlinleigh.com

Erin Kress

Davis/Sacramento, CA

Erin is a somatic practitioner and holistic bodyworker. She has a master’s in transpersonal psychology with dual specializations in spiritual psychology and ecopsychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. She also holds a bachelor’s in liberal arts with a specialization in human services from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. In addition to her education Erin has a professional background working with disenfranchised communities. She has held a position in the Disability Resource Center at the University of Nevada, Reno as the Assistive Technology Trainer and as a Leasing Agent for the Tulsa Housing Authority in Oklahoma. Currently Erin is finishing a 500 hour massage therapy program at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, California and plans on earning her credentials as a certified massage therapist through the CAMTC upon her graduation.

Erin loves hiking, reading, writing, exploring the wilderness, learning about diverse cultures and considers herself to be a perpetual student. She hopes to continue bridging the gap between embodied experience and outer landscape through her studies, work and ongoing personal journey. Her mission is to bring awareness to the way we view our bodies and how this affects the way we live in the world. She is passionate about creating meaningful discussion around somatics and how body-mind integration connects us to the greater body in which we all exist—earth. Through writing, leading nature walks, and bodywork she intends to empower others to have this conversation in their own lives and to change the dialogue we all are having with each other and with the environment. 

Lenora Deroy Paul

Oceanside, CA

Lenora  was born in California but grew up in Kodiak, Alaska.  She spent her childhood playing outdoors all day, exploring tidal pools, making forts, and playing outside rain or shine.  She spent three years as a foreign student in Seoul, South Korea, and was blessed to explore a new country and culture as a teenager.  Lenora graduated high school in Kodiak and went to the University of Hawaii, where she was amazed by the tropical plants, flowers, beauty, energy and culture of the islands and people of Hawaii. 


After earning her BA in Anthropology from UH Manoa, Lenora went to Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI and was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy.  She was in the military for 7.5 years and spent more than a year overseas in various countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  She lives in Oceanside, CA with her husband Adam, daughter Lilliana, and two cats.  Currently, she is completing her MA in Transpersonal Psychology specializing in Transformative Life Coaching and Spiritual Psychology with a certificate in Transpersonal Ecopsycology.

Stephen Rogers

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

Stephen has worked in various aspects of the mental health industry for nearly a decade as a qualified mental health professional (QMHP) and case manager with several agencies including Easter Seals of North Carolina. Seeing the need for a paradigm shift in mental health, Stephen quit his job as a QMHP to pursue an advanced degree.


Stephen now holds a master’s in transpersonal psychology with specializations in spiritual psychology and transformational coaching from Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. Stephen earned his bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in communications from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He later earned a certification as a Reiki master/teacher and is currently on a path to incorporate shamanic and psychosynthesis practices into his coaching repertoire while pursuing credentialing as a Board Certified Coach (BCC).


“When people take vacations, they usually visit places known for their natural beauty such as beaches, mountains, forests, or even deserts. There is a yearning inside each person that seeks communion with the natural world. Nature soothes, restores, connects, and heals us so that we can withstand another year of work. As a society, we shouldn’t limit our exposure in nature to our vacations. Personally, nature has been very healing to me. I walk on mountain trails, in the woods behind my backyard, and visit the beach when possible. That is why I believe in the mission of Earth Connect, and I am happy to offer nature walks in my home community.”


Specialties: Transpersonal Psychology, Transformational Coaching, Intuition, Life transitions, Grief and Loss, Spiritual Emergencies/Awakenings, Reiki, Shamanic Practices, Men's Support, Eco-spirituality.

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