Submission Guidelines

Earth Connect’s vision is to have a world of connection, community, and sustainability. Toward that, we welcome the submissions of blog posts containing original content that promote our vision and  align with our Mission and Values.

Share your story—help people find healing and wholeness through your experiences with nature, bring awareness and positive messages on how we can help the earth and each other, or inspire with your stories of connecting to the natural world.

Submissions can be personal or professional stories, reflections, or educational content with the underlying message of how time in nature is conducive to healing, creativity, and spirituality. Look at our Pinterest boards to get an idea of the types of articles we follow and post.

Submission Requirements:

  • All content must be original.

  • If you reference research in your submission, all quotes and citations must be in APA format.

  • Include at least one relevant photo (no NSFW pics please!) under 1 mb. Credit the artist if it’s not you.

  • Include a photo of you. We'd love to see your smiling face!

  • This is a collaborative effort. Your work is not exclusive to our blog or outlets, you are encouraged to share your post anywhere you wish once we've published it and sent you the link. The more people who receive your message, the better! We also hope you’ll share other bloggers’ posts as we are a supportive community sharing the same vision for the world.

If your blog meets our guidelines and you'd like it to be featured on our
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Allow 7-10 business days for our editors to review and post.
Upload Relevant Photo and Author Photo
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