Earth Connect Affiliate Program

 Thank you for our interest in the Earth Connect Affiliate/Referral Partner Program!

Earth Connect is a social enterprise organization whose mission is to help people with severe stress and anxiety self-heal through our nature-based programs and events. One of those programs is our innovative, experiential online e-course. Each course is backed by years of research and engages a community of students who are led through their journey by a moderator specializing in ecotherapy and/or ecopsychology.

Earth Connect Affiliate Partner Program Benefits:

  • Earn a 15% commission on e-course registration generated through your affiliate link.

  • Content and lessons your audience wants.

  • With 3 class registrations and student completions, you may take the course for free.

  • We provide you with the sales page to share our promotions with your audience.

  • It's FREE to join!

We are currently offering the following e-course:

Healing through Nature Connection

An experiential, 12-week course taking a journey of healing through nature-based practices.

Begins September 19, 2019

PROMOTION for this course begins August 14, 2019.

E-COURSE PERIOD: Begins September 19 - Ends December 9, 2019

More information on the Sales Page at:

Qualities to Have to Become an Affiliate Partner:

  • You understand the benefits of nature connection and how they relate to healing of the mind, body, and soul. 

  • You share and believe in Earth Connect's vision of a world of connection, community, and sustainability.

  • Your biggest motivation in sharing and selling our e-courses is to help people. But, the money's nice, too.

  • You have an established audience who could benefit by the types of programs we offer. This can be your friends, family, and/or social media friends (like Facebook or LinkedIn).

We accept Affiliate Partners from around the world! 

To become a partner, simply:

- Create a profile on our Teachable school at:

- Email Us Your First and Last Names and email address at:

so we can add you as an affiliate.


- Add to your contact list. We'll be emailing you your personal affiliate links for the course(s). You'll get a different link each time we issue a new coupon.


We're excited to partner with you in this wonderful program! Together, we'll help people self-heal because "healed people are a source of healing for the world!"

If you have any questions, email us at