Our Vision

A world of connection, community, and sustainability.

Our Mission

Earth Connect helps people with anxiety disorders journey to wholeness

through nature-based activities and programs

because healed people are a source of healing for the world.

Our Values

Community and Connection - with each other as human beings and with the Earth through the natural beings with whom we share this beautiful world.


Healing and Wholeness - because healthy, authentic people make for a better, more loving world. It is easier to support each other when we, ourselves, are in a place of balance, health and wholeness. In this internal space, we are more able to recognize and support the important role of Nature in human community.


Service - in our local communities and to the natural world.

Education - because it is only through knowing, understanding and self-awareness will we be able to effect the changes needed to heal ourselves, each other, and the world.


Sustainability - as an important and integral part of living a lifestyle that will support the Earth and our own futures.